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Geplaatst op: 10-08-2021
Schrijver: VrouwenWijs

Nieuw in de webshop en in het winkeltje in de cursusruimte. De HedgeWitch totebag, WildWoman totebag en DarkHag zipper pouch zijn gedrukt op stevig zwart organic katoen. 

Hedge Witch

I walk between the worlds. With cunning skills I step in and out of the otherwold.  As a spellbinder I can take many shapes. I spin the threads of life, weave the web and I know when to cut the cords. Become a master of your crafts and practice your magic wisely.


Wild Woman

I follow the path of the true feral female. Am I human or beast? Who knows. I crawl in ancient caves and sleep under the stars. With my feet in the earth and head in the sky i respectfully take my place among my fellow relatives of animal, plant and tree. I amplify the voices of your ancestors, rewild and be free. 

Dark Hag

I am the ancient crone, the elder hag, the priestess of night. I give voice to shadows, the unseen and the unwanted. My words cut through suppression and taboo, my tongue was not made to keep silent. I am furious, I crave, I devour and I break free of that which does not sustain me. As a patreon of heretics and witches I bring you the power of profound truthsaying and being untamed.



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